Mark & Abby King


Description:Mark and Abby explain practical ways to lives our lives in celebration!

Rest, Let God Take Care of It

Todd Brown


Description:Where or what is God asking you to set down and rest so He can show you that He loves you and will take care of you?

Physical Obedience Brings Spiritual Release

Todd Brown


Description:Todd shares biblical illustrations where taking steps of physical obedience brought spiritual release. Where in your life is God asking for physical obedience so he can give spiritual releases

Thy Rod and Thy Staff Comfort me

Judy and Ted Brown


Description:Ted & Judy Share about the role of a shepherd in a church body.

Focusing our Efforts - Part 1

Todd & Bethany


Description:Todd & Bethany illustrate how we all have a gifts, talents and passion. When we all come together as a body is when and partner with each other is when we experience the most effective way of reaching the lost.

Growing as a Christian

Pastor Howard


Description:Pastor Howard form the Spanish LHOP congregation shares a great message on how we are to gorw and live in our Christian lives.

Babe Dedication

Baby Dedication


Description:Baby dedication of Dixie, Asher, Havilah, Grady.

Discerning the Spirit

Mark and Abby King


Description:Sr. Pastors Mark and Abby share out of John 12 and share the difference of people who could discern what was going on in the Spirit and those who did not. They also shared examples in our lives of how to discern what the Spirit is doing in our lives.


Brian & Sarah Rufo


Description:God says to Remain in Him. But what does that mean?? Brian and Sarah do a great job explaing and illustrating how to remain in God!John 15Isaiah 55

Cutting out sin

Bethany Brown


Description:Bethany compare the importance of cutting out sin with the importance of cutting out cancer.


Justin Kabakjian


Description:Justin describes lies that Christians often belive is their value as a person, and refocuses us on our true value standard.

How to Love the Lost

Bethany Brown


Description:Bethany gives us four points on how to love the lost:1) Offer Realness and Change2) Offer Rescue3) Offer an Experience4) Offer Reassurance and Refuge

Heart to Heart

Mark and Abby King


Description:Mark and Abby share on the importance to connecting with people heart to heart and to heal the wonds of our own heart.

Worship 1-22

Shaun Kauffman


Description:Lion and LambCornerstoneNo Longer SlavesMighty To saveThe StandLove Never Fails

Fear Not

Ben Foley


Description:Ben shares about God is the God what takes our fears

Serve Now Testimonies

Ben Foley


Description:Ben shares about the exciting things God is doing around the world!

We are That Church

Todd Brown


Description:Todd explain what we are about at Lord's House of Prayer Quaryville.Who - Core Values - Every Person has ValueWhat - Vision - Loving - Active Learning - LaunchingWhy - Mission - Win the Lost

2017 Men's Retreat



Description:Men's Retreat Promo

Prince of Peace

Todd Brown


Description:Peace is not the removal of conflict and responsibility, it is the presence of the Prince of Peace.

God's Blessing

Todd Brown


Description:God pours out His blessing so we can bless others. If others around me are not benefiting because God has blessed me then I cut off the blessings from God in my life.

What is Love?

Charlie Hess


Description:Charlie gives a challenge on what is love and are we opertaing out of love?

Church Meeting


Description:This is a running video of the church meeting that was held immediately following the serrvice on 10/2/16. Please refer to your email for the forms discussed and fill out the nomination for and turn into the offering baskets by the end of the service on 10/9/16. Thank you.

Spiritual Cleansing - Part 3

Todd Brown


Description:Todd gives and illustration of why we can go through Spiritual Cleansing. It is only because of what Jesus has done.

Spiritual Cleansing - Part 2

Todd Brown


Description:As Jesus removed the blind man from the town to minister to him. What areas are in our lives that Jesus wants us to be removed from in order that he can give us complete healing rahter than just healing a symptom? Because, if we want Jesus just to heal a symptom and not the entire issue, we will be plagued by the deeper issue later.

Spiritual Cleansing - Part 1

Todd Brown


Description:There is a need for a spiritual cleansing from time to time. Todd illustrates why we need it and how to give yourself an occasional spiritual cleansing.RepentRenounceDeclare

Response to Love - Young Life

Brain and Sarah Rufo


Description:The Rufo's explain God's response to us because of His love for us. They also explain one of their responses to His love in their work with Young Life.

LHOP Background

Abby King


Description:Senior Pastor Abby King explains the begining of Lord's House of Prayer church as well as why we do some of the things that we do as The Lord's House of Prayer.

Testimony Sunday

Todd Brown


Description:Todd explain the importance of sharing testimonies of what God has done and what He is doing.


Todd Brown


Description:Todd illustrates that we all have a glory.

Offended and Unity

Salena Zook


Description:Salena illustrates how past experiences can affect how we handle offenses.


Brad White


Description:Brad illustrates the importance of being unitified with God, your spouce, family and church family.

Jesus is passing through - Kids

Todd Brown


Description:Jesus is passing through, what are you going to do?

Jesus is passing through, what are you doing about it

Todd Brown


Description:Todd illustrates how people changed history because they didn't just let jesus pass through their life, they did something about it.

Process for moving Forward

Todd Brown


Description:Todd outlines the biblical process to moving forward.

Mother's Day Panel

Matt Kroll and others


Description:Sarah Rufo, Sarah Matos, Gina Weaver, and Nora Mast share widsom they have learned and what they are going through during this current phase of motherhood.

Change and Commitment

Todd Brown


Description:Lord's House of Prayer Quarryville is on the edge of entering the "promise land" of Quarryville where we will walk in Truth, Power and Freedom.Our part making the choice to Change and Commit to being part of the body.

Quarryville LHOP Prophetic Word

Bob Hazlett


Description:Bob Hazlet's prophetic word over Lord's House of Prayer Quarryville church. World Impact conference. March 8, 2015

Offenses in Relationships

Charlie Hess


Description:Charlie illustrates and challenges us focusing on a key point in God's design of humans, Relationships.

Moses is Dead - Joshua is coming through

Todd Brown


Description:1) To get the new thing - You have to let go of the old2) Go after your breakthrough / miracle / freedom3) Throw away your fat pants - burn the bridges of the old4) Moses is dead - Joshua is coming through

Being around God doesn't Mean Close to God

Shaun & Jessi Kauffman


Description:Shaun and Jessi illustrate the point that just because you are around somebody or around God doesn't mean you are close to them or in a relationship with them.

Grab the New Thing!

Todd Brown


Description:Todd shares his heart for individuals and for the church body.We have to let go of the old in order to grab the new thing, the freedom, the breakthrough that we have been praying for.

This is the Day

Tre Moore


Description:Tre describes in a christians walk, 'today is the day', is everyday.

A New Thing

Todd Brown


Description:God is a God of New things, not the next step.Often what is stopping us from getting to the new thing is we refuse the let go of the old thing.A word from God is good only for a season, when the season is over it is time to move not stay in the dry place wondering where God is.

Fasting tie-up: Feasting is a tithe

Todd Brown


Description:Todd tied up the fasting aspect of the series and began the exciting view of feasting.Do you know God views times that we feast and celebrate his provisions as a type of tithing?

Fasting is about the New thing God is doing

Todd Brown


Description:Todd illustrates fasting is not about what you are giving up, it is about the new thing God is doing in your life/mind.

Prophesying over your life

Charlie Hess


Description:Charlie explain the importance of prophesying over your life and situations. b