In 1974, Mark & Abby King were the best of sinners. They enjoyed life in the fast lane and were basically "good people"...or so they thought. On January 27th, Abby gave her heart to the Lord in sincerity and was forever changed. Soon after, she asked Mark to move out of their comfortable live-in lifestyle. He gave his heart to the Lord in April, they married in June, got pregnant in August, started Bible School in November, and began giving leadership to their Bible Study group in January. Their transformation was a dramatic work and testimony to the grace and power of God to change lives. We believe that this same power can transform the life of anyone who is willing to believe and truly make Jesus Lord. God's glory became the driving force behind Mark & Abby's lives and ministry and soon after, the vision of The Lord's House of Prayer was revealed.

In June of 1979, LHOP was incorporated as a non-profit organization. Founding pastor, Mark King, is now the Senior Pastor and continues to provide vision and leadership to all the congregations within the LHOP body. As a Church, we are a Bible believing, Jesus centered, gift honoring group of born again people who love to worship and desire to live in God's presence. Come experience our joy and love and see the great things God has done and is doing both in us and through us by His grace. He is a great God and Worthy to be praised!